Composers, you are welcome to conquer the stage of creative possibilities with your own composition!

We are giving up-and-coming, talented composers the chance to have their masterpiece performed by one of the Arte Musicale groups. Whether you want to embrace the magic of a children’s choir, or explore the depth of a chamber orchestra, or compose a piece for any musical group, the possibilities are endless:

  • Children’s choir unison (or simple two-voice)
  • Youth choir polyphonic (SAB, SATB)
  • Womens’ choir (SSA, SSAA) 
  • Chamber choir (SATB, SSATB)
  • Chamber orchestra (strings 5, 5, 3, 5, 1 / 2dw / 2hb / 2kl / 2fg / 2tr / 2tb / 4hn / tuba / percussion)

Unleash your creativity and let your musical vision shine! Register to participate by September 15, 2024 and submit your manuscripts by December 15, 2024 for review by our expert jury. Nominated works will be announced January 15, 2025 and will be proudly presented at a vibrant creation concert on Friday evening, March 14, 2025.

  • Composers and groups up to 8 participants: 150 EUR
  • Groups between 9 – 25 participants: 250 EUR
  • Groups with more than 25 participants: 350 EUR